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We arrange various training programs for our employees so that they may be well versed with the new and emerging technologies in the present era.

   Each of our employee has to undergo these training programs  so that they may efficiently perform their tasks and update themselves with the latest developments in the field of technology and software development.

   For this reason we maintain a Skill record of each of our employee. On the basis of this analysis we accordingly arrange their training. We have two types of training programs:

 Domestic Training Program : In this our employees have to undergo a training program conducted at our workshops so as to furnish their skills.

Outstation Training Program : This is basically an advanced training program , in this the company sends its employees to various other company's ,organizations and institutes to learn the advanced technologies available world wide . 

    Apart from these the company also entertains the fresher's  who come to our workshop for initial level training programs . This program is  basically for beginners who have recently stepped in this field. This program gives them a real exposure of the practical implementations  which takes place in a company. This makes them feel more as an employee than a student. This program helps them to increase and expertise their skill's and buildup their confidence. 

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