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We believe in dealing with products of good quality so that our customers have no problem at all.

For this reason we deal only  in VHF set's of Kenwood and  Motorola which are renowned companies in the market and have proved their efficiency in the past .

Apart  from this  we are also in consideration  with some research and development work.


Our Research and Development  center mainly comprises of some major research topics like Automation via Micro controllers etc.

Some major headings of our research and development tasks are as under:


Automatic Switching over from 2MB link (optical fiber cable) to 34 MB link in Ericsson's Universal Multiplexer.

Network Monitoring System :

In this project our team is trying to generate a single monitoring body between the source and the destination so as to govern or check the status of each intermediary node falling in between source and destination . 


Basically we are developing programs in Allen Bradley PLC and Siemens PLC.

Applications with PLC under consideration:

Packaging industry , Steel Plant , Cement Industry etc.

We develop a PLC program to carry out tasks in the above mentioned industries  at their respective stages successfully.

SCADA (Supervisory Control  And  Data Acquisition)

This is a Technology whose one important feature is  graphical user interface that is used to keep a check on the overall activities of a PLC . It means that ,with the help of SCADA we may check the status of each segment of work performed by a PLC by just sitting at one place.



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