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Solid State Interlocking (SSI)

The system which ensures signals allow safe passage of trains into sections of track ahead of it is known as Interlocking in parlance of Railway Signaling.

Interlocking is achieved using in several methods and using various technologies starting from mechanical interlocking to the presently popular Solid State Interlocking.

Any system of interlocking can be divided into four parts

a) The outdoor equipments which are control or which monitor the state  
    of the Railway Track as:

  • Signal Units - which show various position or colors indicating trains to move ahead or stop moving.

  • Point Machines- which sets routes moving portions of the Railway tracks

  • Track Circuits - which monitor the occupation of Railway Track

  • Point detectors - which detects the direction to which the track is set at diverging points of the track

b) The indoor arrangement which maintains logic for safe operation of

c) The medium connecting the indoor to the out door equipments

d) The interfacing arrangement at the indoor equipment and the outdoor
     equipment end for matching the medium

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

We design appropriate PLC programs  which are applicable and used by the following purposes:

  • Steel Plant

  • Packaging Industry 

  • Power Plants 

  • Coffee Maker etc.

The above mentioned are some examples of PLC  application . Apart from  these,  PLC  programs can be designed to automate any other tasks or company's process.

Software Automation

By software  automation we mean Paper to Paperless Documentation .All the activities are governed by computers.


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